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The Epic groups relived!

Transport yourself for an evening back to the era  of rock and roll.

For your party, a reunion, a festival or any special occasion where the 60’s  come back Alive!

For an unforgettable evening,
one name says it all :

Le groupe Rétro


The four musicians of the retro group
, compare themselves to a Small growing enterprise looking to expand their futur.
They have long thought out their decision after 15 years, all the pros and cons of getting back together with all the mental and physical aspect of it all. It was unanimous.

The four musicians are so devoted to the band with an unshakeakable respect for each other, they do regular practices, meetings to discuss new songs to add to their repertoire and decisions on the evolution of the band. A generation separates the  three oldest members from the youngest member, but it is their common principals that helps guide them since their beginning. All the members live for their passion for the art of music and

towards their success.

The Reminders, a group who is reliable, talented, serious and full of vitality. A group that breathes health and has  a love for life!

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